What a journey it has been to evolve into a confident and professional graphic designer – getting hands-on creating logos, brand identities, full ranges of corporate materials, presentations for household names in Baltic States and Gibraltar. Working with interest-sparking projects for both, digital and print, but my oh my, print design, in a form of magazines, has stolen my heart! 

Yes, I do believe print’s not dead. Hence, instead of shopping for dresses and shoes online, you will find me adding to basket kilos of magazines and barely making it on to flights due to me losing track of time and getting lost between the shelves at travelstore’s magazine aisle (fingers crossed I don’t actually miss a flight like this one day). Apart from print magazines, another type of medium that quite literally sparks joy in me (eyes never lie) is collage, be it analogue or digital – both are great tools in their own unique way! 

I rediscovered collage a while ago when I got bored of doing things the right way when it was, and still is, a way of exploring stream  consciousness ideas and experimenting with new approaches and techniques. And I am not shy to admit, whenever these two, magazines and collages collide, my soul sings!